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Our Public Relations (PR) work is structured around a cohesive set of customized objectives, strategies and tactics that will increase awareness and preference for your product or service. 

Our PR Services are often bundled with our Marketing Services and/or Publishing Industry Services to provide the best value for the client.

Typical PR Objectives

  • Increase positive press coverage and stimulate awareness and demand through the development and implementation of a Public Relations (Media Relations) Plan
  • Establish you or your organization as 'thought leaders' in terms of key issues, attributes or messages
  • Create a media buzz, a foundation that can potentially be built upon in subsequent months and years
  • Generate media coverage that favorably positions your organization
  • Increase customers and resulting revenues

Typical PR Strategies

  • Reach Out – Consider utilization of various types of media (print, web, radio, etc.) and the targeting of multiple markets/cities/states/countries.
  • Messaging – Spotlight your organization's differentiators to drive awareness and demand ('Consistency, Frequency, and Clarity' in messaging).
  • Credibility – Highlight your organization in the various media to increase credibility with customers and allow your firm to stand out from the crowd.

PR Tactics (Customized for Each Client)

  • Media Relations
  • Industry Analyst Relations
  • Media Tours
  • News Releases - Writing
  • News Releases - Distribution  (View Services and Rates)
  • On-Site Event Support
  • Contributed Article Development and Placement
  • Speaker Placement
  • Award Nominations
  • Media Kits
  • Biography Creation
  • Client Media Training
  • Crisis Management

For Smaller Budgets

Alternatively, in addition to our retained PR services, we offer a Public Relations (PR) on a Shoestring Workshop designed to provide clients with all the tools they need to start and execute their own basic PR program.  The workshop follows a how-to guide that includes news release templates, editorial calendars, target contact lists and more.  Cost for the workshop is a one-time, flat fee and includes two hours of post-workshop consultation.  This workshop is ideal for companies that currently lack their own PR budget.

Also, our Marketing & PR Starter Kit is available at a cost effective price point.

Next Steps

We invite potential clients for marketing, public relations (PR) and book publishing services to complete our free, no obligation Request for Proposal (RFP) form.  The RFP form will help us provide you with a customized proposal that outlines deliverables, schedule and cost.  View the RFP form.



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