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Alpha Multimedia, Inc. has just launched a heartwarming true story that shows the power of love A Wealth of Family:  An Adopted Son's International Quest for Heritage, Reunion and Enrichment was written by Thomas Brooks.  This inspiring adoption and reunion saga delivers timely and provocative viewpoints on multicultural families and powerful insights on how to triumph over racism and poverty.

Book Marketing and Promotion Services

We want authors to understand the seemingly difficult reality:  Authors are ultimately responsible for the marketing of their own books, regardless of the publisher.  The good news is that the book marketing and publishing services from Alpha Multimedia can enable your commercial success with a marketing plan for your book, including objectives, strategies, and tactical execution.  We will help you create and execute your detailed book marketing plan, which typically includes the following:
  • Target Geographic Markets
  • Target Customer Demographics
  • Book Value Proposition
  • Marketing and Sales Goals
  • Book Positioning / Book Marketing Strategy
  • Author Positioning
  • Product Strategy for Your Book
  • Book Public Relations (PR) Plan / Book Promotion Plan
  • Advertising Plan
  • Sales Promotion Plan
  • Personal Selling Plan
  • Distribution Plan
  • Book Tours
  • Event Marketing / Book Signings

Here is an example of an Online Media Kit that can be completed after the work listed above is done.

Book Publishing Services

Alpha Multimedia can assist you with the publication or self-publication of your book, guiding you through a rigorous and structured step-by-step process.  We can provide a proposal with distinct services billed at our standard hourly rate, or a flat fee based on a comprehensive bundled package of services.

For Smaller Budgets

Alternatively, in addition to our retained services described above, we offer two workshops: Our Book Promotion Workshop provides clients with all the tools they need to start and execute their own book promotion plan.  The workshop follows a how-to guide that includes marketing, book public relations, press release templates, target contact lists and more.  Cost for the workshop is a one-time, flat fee.  This workshop is ideal for authors that currently lack the budget to retain an outside marketing & PR agency. Our Self-Publishing Workshop covers the basics of how to write, print and market your own book.  You will learn how you can maintain total control and keep all of the profits, while avoiding mistakes that can cost you time and money.  Cost for the workshop is a one-time, flat fee.  This workshop is ideal for authors that currently lack the budget for our retained book publishing services.

Next Steps

We invite potential clients for marketing, public relations (PR) and book publishing services to complete our free, no obligation Request for Proposal (RFP) form.  The RFP form will help us provide you with a customized proposal that outlines deliverables, schedule and cost.  View the RFP form.



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