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Jump start your business with a professional web site design.  Depending on the availability of your specific content (text and graphics), we typically can have your site up and running in 10 days from the time we start.


Express Web™ Baseline Development Package - $799


Express Web™ includes the following:

  • Template-based Web Site design with full navigation (no flash technology, no e-commerce)

  • Designed in Microsoft FrontPage to facilitate future ease of maintenance by the client company or its contactor (e.g. Alpha Multimedia, or other firms you may use in the future)

  • Client selects from a standard template

  • Final site can have up to eight (8) text-based pages (each page limited to 600 words per page and up to four images per non-catalog page)

  • One (1) form-based (user submission) page, if needed

  • One (1) logo/graphic design for online use (.GIF or .JPG), if needed

  • One (1) hour of consultation / maintenance

  • Integration of customer-supplied elements including text (provided as MSWord or PDF files), or company logos, photographs, and artwork (provided as .GIF or .JPG files)

Follow this link to place your order.


Note 1:  Additional text-based pages cost $50 per page.  Additional form-based (user submission) pages cost $200 per page.  Additional logo designs, and designs of other graphics cost $200 each.


Note 2:  The client is responsible for providing text (as MSWord files), graphics (as .GIF or .JPG files or .PSD files) and other strategic direction related to content, graphics, etc.  The web site design will not begin until all content and 50% deposit have been received.


Note 3:  The client will be responsible for securing its own domain name and web hosting provider.  We assume no liability for your choice of web hosting provider.  Regardless of the hosting provider you pick, Alpha Multimedia can develop your web site.


Note 4:  The hourly rate for maintenance is $100 per hour.  Bundled quarterly maintenance plans are also available; ask us for a quote based on your anticipated needs.


Customized Web Development Services


In partnership with Minority Professional Network, Inc. (MPN), we also offer customized services related to Web Site Design, Web Site Consulting, Web Site Maintenance, e-Business Strategy, and e-Business Design & Implementation. 


We invite potential clients for marketing, public relations (PR) and book publishing services to complete our free, no obligation Request for Proposal (RFP) form.  The RFP form will help us provide you with a customized proposal that outlines deliverables, schedule and cost.  View the RFP form.

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