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"Public Relations (PR) on a Shoestring" Workshop


This is a hands-on workshop designed to provide clients with all the tools they need to start and execute their own basic Public Relations (PR) program on a shoestring budget.  The workshop follows a how-to guide that includes news release templates, editorial calendars, target contact lists and more.  Cost for the workshop is a one-time, flat fee and includes two hours of post-workshop consultation.  This workshop is ideal for companies that currently lack the budget to retain an outside PR agency.


Workshop Duration


This workshop is typically scheduled from four to eight hours.


Workshop Outline

  • Overview and definition of PR, media relations, advertising and marketing including the definition, value and importance of PR campaigns

  • Definition of the various target audiences (horizontal vs. vertical, consumer vs. trade or business)

  • How to get started:  The different types of PR and how and when to implement campaigns

  • How/why/when to write a news release, a news release template and examples of various press announcements

  • Target contacts lists specifically for your company including editorial and/or analyst contact information (Note:  Availability varies by industry, product and target segment)

  • How to conduct media and/or analyst relations (etiquette, timing, strategy, goals) and build relationships with reporters and analysts

  • How/when/why to conduct media and analyst tours

  • How to get a reporter or analyst to talk to you / Pitching Techniques

  • How to leave effective voice mail messages

  • The importance of white papers, bylines, customer testimonials and community relations

  • The value of award opportunities and trade shows

  • What is a press kit and what should be included

  • How to handle the interview with the media

  • Web site analysis

  • Prioritizing your pennies - Public Relations on a Shoestring Budget!

  • Two hours of consultation after the workshop

Templates Provided

  • Press Release

  • Media Alert (announcing a publicity stunt)

  • Pitch Letter

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