Houston Couple Interviewed on Stephen Colbert’s 2023 Holiday Special

Lois Lane – Houston Faux Post |  Posted:  December 26, 2023 – 7:07pm

April-2014-Thomas-and-DominiqueOn the first day of Kwanzaa 2023, Stephen Colbert, host of the Late Show on CBS, sat down with one of the most intriguing couples in Texas.  Colbert interviewed Thomas Brooks of Kynect and his wife Nikki Brooks for a segment that will air tomorrow as part of the Colbert Holidaze Special.

Basking in the holiday glow, with their kids and some friends hanging around the house, Thomas and Nikki were open about the enablers for their success and happiness.   They had just enjoyed a huge Christmas dinner the day before with a bunch of friends and family.

“Why the hell did my producers tell me to come here?”  Colbert asked, totally in his satirical, pompous conservative character from back in 2014 from his The Colbert Report days on Comedy Central.

“Well, my story inspires people,” answered Thomas.  “My Personal Pivotal Needs, the things that really motivate me, are Autonomy and Legacy.  I earned my AUTONOMY through the service I have proudly provided as I created productive leaders in my nationwide business with energy and nationwide mobile phone services.  We call our associates our ‘Team LIT’ – which stands for Leadership, Inspiration and Training.  We are in the business of enabling the dreams of the prospects in our networks.  I have provided my team with exceptional training materials, personal training, and hands-on assistance.  I have recruited and developed successful leaders.  Many of them have subsequently created their own amazing realities.  I ecstatically left Corporate America more than three years ago while still in my 40s, leveraging my passive monthly income from Kynect to replace my paycheck from my previous day job.  By the middle of 2016, I had shown enough people a short video, which enabled me to move forward as a network marketing professional and execute my plan for a Four Year Career, giving me LIBERTY.  This year I made well over a quarter of a million dollars with my network marketing business.”

Colbert01Colbert dug in.  “It sounds like some type of ‘Pyramid Deal’, yes?”  Colbert posed.

“Most people I show this business to get excited about it and want to join,” said Thomas, “but some don’t.  They think it is a pyramid; they think everything in the world except their day job is a pyramid.  And sadly, they have managed to keep opportunity away from their family their entire life.”

“The pyramid we decided to avoid”, continued Thomas, “is Corporate Ignite-Pyramid-Comedy-1America where the vast majority of employees do not own a piece of the business or the profits, and have no hope of rising to the top.  In that type of pyramid day job, the poop rolls downhill.”

Nikki laughed, “When people have money – but no time, that is called a job.  When people have time – but no money, that is sadly what most people call retirement.  Thankfully, we present a solution:  That’s called Network Marketing.”

“It sounds like you are asserting that most people do Network Marketing every day, but they just don’t get paid for it.  Most people recommend movies or restaurants or my TV show or the books I personally authored or other things, but they just don’t get paid for it,” said Colbert.

“Yup, you get it now!  I decided to be in the group that gets paid for it, since we all recommend things daily,” quipped Thomas.   “Our job description consists of three simple words:  Collect ‘Yes’ Decisions.   The decision we are collecting is whether people want to be a Customer and save money on energy and wireless service -OR- an Associate where they can make significant money -OR- or they can decide to do nothing (accepting their life ‘as is’, the status quo).  The more decisions we collect, the more money we make.  But we can’t collect a decision until we use polished skills to invite people to see a short video presentation.   Then we can collect the decision using trained words.”

“But thanks to the legacy of Obama’s eight years in the White House, people don’t have the time nor the money to start a Network Marketing business.”  Colbert asserted.

Thomas responded, “Most people I show this business to get excited about it and want to join, but some don’t.  The ones that don’t would rather invest their money on useless luxuries bought with credit cards, or cigarettes, lottery tickets and beer instead of sending their children to college without student loans.  Most people I show this business to get excited about it and want to join, but some don’t.  The ones that don’t would rather invest their time in screen time including TV, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter for hours everyday instead of building wealth and retiring 15 years early.

“So, thanks to President Reagan’s smart economic policies in the 1980s, what great things have you been able to accomplish here in the 21st Century?”  Colbert continued, tongue firmly implanted in cheek.

“In terms of my individual success, it doesn’t matter which political party is in power.  I have created a great financial LEGACY for my family.  For my daughter, I am thrilled to have earned our passive monthly income to be able to secure her education and financial future.  She is in middle school, and doing very well.  This growing passive income also supports the education and success of our son,” explained Thomas.   “I feel joy, freedom and peace every month on the 15th when Kynect delivers a direct deposit with my passive monthly income into my bank account.  Nikki and I have earned LIBERTY, financial freedom and peace of mind through this generational wealth.”

“But after this week of socialist Kwanzaa celebrations ends, you are going back to a routine of working 40 or 50 hours per week in Corporate America in the coming new year, right?”  Colbert drilled.

“No.  The 40/40/40 plan, where you work for 40 hours per week, for 40 long years, to retire with only 40% of the monthly income that you used to make, is not for us at all”, said Nikki happily.

“With Nikki’s help, I have created my ‘Life by Design’, with a happy balance of work, play, workouts, and family,” said Thomas.  “I am sure you are familiar with the Law of Attraction.  I have attracted my huge monthly Part-Time Income helping my team members earn Free Energy and Free Wireless Phone Service.  Money flows to me effortlessly, and it is fun to help new friends and business partners.”

“So, in other words, you are successful because of all of the legislation that the GOP-controlled House was smart not to pass since you started with Kynect?”  Colbert opined.

Thomas countered, “I am successful because I control my thoughts.  I am successful because I always keep my promises, especially the promises I make to myself.  I always make great choices.  In short, I am elated to be a Servant Leader who knows, goes and shows the way, and because of this I am very wealthy for life.  I cheerfully share the Kynect opportunity and create productive networkers by teaching them exactly what to say and do.  We often call potential business partners together using 3-way calling.  I make it easy for new Kynect Associates to get their business started by doing almost all of the talking for them.”

blog-ObamaColbert dug deeper, “My researchers have discovered that you first met former President Obama way back when he was an inexperienced Senator from Illinois.   Isn’t it really true that Obama, and by extension community organizer Saul Alinsky, actually taught you exactly what to say and do?”

Nikki laughed some more, “We are just giddy about our success.  The whole objective of network marketing is to build teams that build bigger teams without your own direct involvement.  That is what we have done to obtain LIBERTY.”

“I am proud to help people save money and make money,” Thomas reminded, “I am pleased to have hundreds of people enjoying Free Energy and/or Free Wireless Phone Service.  I have enabled over 100 people to have growing passive incomes that can replace their previous day job when they choose.  Our team enables dreams to come true for our business partners.  It took determination and self-confidence, but with the passive monthly income Nikki and I have earned it feels amazing to realize our dream to be financially free.  We have created a LEGACY for our family, and we have AUTONOMY.  It is blissful to have time for weekly dates with Nikki, my children’s activities, community service, eating healthy every meal, and completing long cycling and swimming events.  Our dreams have come true for our family.”

“Thankfully, dreams can change.” Colbert stated.  “If we had all stuck with our first dream, the world would be completely overrun with cowboys and princesses.”

“I thought you were here to interview us,” Nikki challenged.  “You know, ask us questions, as opposed to just making your own statements.”

BYE-Felicia“I always keep my promises!” said Thomas.  “And I promised the children we would join them in some board games, and then we will have a special dinner to celebrate the first night of Kwanzaa.  I love spending time with my family.  Plus my children are much funnier than you, Stephen.  And Stephen, you have taught us years ago that the media can’t be trusted.  Why should I spend any more time with you, unless you join my team?  So… Bye Felicia!  I mean, Bye Stephen.”


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