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Diversity and Inclusion to Spark Creativity for High Performance

Our Professional Speaking Services feature Thomas Brooks. During his 20+ year career as a thought leader on topics including leadership, marketing, success and diversity, Brooks has addressed a multitude of clients ranging from major corporations to universities to adoption agencies.  [Delivered In-Person or by Zoom - Price $1997]

Based on his award-winning book, A Wealth of Family: An Adopted Son's International Quest for Heritage, Reunion and Enrichment, Thomas is able to speak to your adoption or foster care fundraiser audience, book club, company, professional organization, religious group or other entity about diversity, inclusion and multiculturalism.

His second book, 26.2 Ways to Just Do It Now: Keys for Sustainable Happiness and Success, will launch in Fall 2020. That book includes a compelling chapter on the topic of "Diversity and Inclusion to Spark Creativity for High Performance."

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Heartwarming and Inspirational Story Shows the Power of Love

  • A Wealth of Family, the inspiring account of adoption, reunion, and family heritage from Thomas Brooks, provides a timely and provocative perspective on multicultural families and powerful insights on overcoming racism and poverty.
  • Brooks grew up as the only child of a struggling single mother in inner-city Pittsburgh. He was battling racial stereotypes at school and searching for a place among his peers. Then he was told at age eleven that he was adopted. Brooks had actually been born to a white biological mother who descended from Lithuanian Jews and a black Kenyan foreign student father.
  • Years after that stunning revelation, Brooks escaped the ghetto and traveled to search for his heritage.
  • He found his biological mother in London with his previously unknown British siblings. He then located his biological father and extended family in Nairobi. 
  • His international search and the resulting reunions have profoundly affected three families in the United States, England, and Kenya.

What People Are Saying...

The uplifting journey of Thomas Brooks in his search for self is inspiring. His story reinforces for us all the spirit of the great Dr. Martin Luther King's teachings — there is just one race, the human race.

Tim Green

New York Times Best-Selling Author and Commentator for National Public Radio


The author’s international journey across cultures, races and continents will uplift and edify any reader, regardless of background.

Honorable Andrew Young

Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations and Former Mayor of Atlanta


A superb and deeply emotional book. Brooks is at once determined, compassionate and incisive. This book through its honesty and strength will be a rewarding experience for all who read it.

Dr. Jack L Daniel

Former Vice Provost and Dean at the University of Pittsburgh


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