by Thomas Brooks

December 13, 2014

blog-law of attractionRemember that while every effect is the result of a cause, the effect in turn becomes a cause, which creates other effects, which in turn create still other causes; so that when you put the law of attraction into operation you must remember that you are starting a train of causation for good or otherwise which may have endless possibilities.

The paragraph above is an excerpt from our reading this week for our Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) class.   I have rediscovered that the law of attraction is always working, whether I am cognizant of it or not in any particular moment.  I have choice to make about my friends, how I spend my time, and my mindset including my way of being.  As one of the leaders in my company frequently states:  We can be, do and have more!

We frequently hear it said, “A very distressing situation came into my life, which could not have been the result of my thought, as I certainly never entertained any thought which could have such a result.” We fail to remember that like attracts like in the mental world, and that the thought which we entertain brings to us certain friendships, companionships of a particular kind, and these in turn bring about conditions and environment, which in turn are responsible for the conditions of which we complain.

I just spent five days in Aruba with other Top Producers in my network marketing company.  It was a free trip for myself and my wife, and the amazing vacation just happened to coincide with the date of my birthday.  Being around over 150 positive people, reminds me that our friendships and Master Mind Alliances do bring about conditions and environment that can help us create an amazing new reality that supports our Definite Major Purpose statement.

The truth must be told to each generation and to every people in new and different terms, so that when the Great Teacher said — “Believe that ye receive and ye shall receive” or, when Paul said — “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” or, when modern science says — “The law of attraction is the law by which thought correlates with its object”, each statement when subjected to analysis, is found to contain exactly the same truth. The only difference being in the form of presentation.

Like attracts like in the mental world.  Our faith is manifest through the law of attraction.  One of the best-selling books of all-time is Think and Grow Rich.   Notice that the first word of the title is THINK.

I have come so far already.  Today I begin a new life.

It is definitely time to ‘Think and Grow Rich’.

Thomas Brooks

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