by Thomas Brooks

October 18, 2016

nikki-and-thomas-oct-2016I am so fortunate to celebrate the 15th anniversary of my marriage in the last week. I try to approach everyday as a celebration.

Now, on to the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) content for this week…

If you carry out this idea, beginning with small things which you know you can control and gradually increase the effort, but never under any circumstances allowing your “I” to be overruled, you will find that you can eventually control yourself, and many men and women have found to their sorrow that it is easier to control a kingdom than to control themselves.

The words above are from The Master Key System by Charles Haanel.

The idea of waking up every morning needing to “overcome fear” kind of sucks.  Wouldn’t it be better to eliminate fear completely?  Elimination is not overcoming.  Using simple tasks, written on index cards, we are teaching ourselves in this course how to get things done without procrastination.  Then, our subconscious mind eventually learns from this new habit that whatever we write on the index cards is as good as done.   You can start with cleaning out your car, or any small task.  Before you know it you are effortlessly completing a bigger task such as making 10 calls per day to grow your network marketing business.  It is a simple concept, yet profound.

Our subconscious mind is so powerful.   With our new blueprint, we must use our conscious mind to be the vigilant guardsman of our subconscious minds.

You have got to watch these powerful and informative video clips back-to-back.  They are from the movie What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole.  Or watch the whole movie if you want to have it all in context:



Give more, get more.  I will induce others to serve me because I serve others.

The more we give the more we shall get; we must become a channel whereby the Universal can express activity. The Universal is constantly seeking to express itself, to be of service, and it seeks the channel whereby it can find the greatest activity, where it can do the most good, where it can be of greatest service to mankind.

more-you-give-the-more-you-getAnd the “Give More, Get More” concept works wonderfully with spouses as well.  Try it with your significant other.

Now that we are in Week 4, we are reading this out loud, daily:

Wherever I go I bring a gift. I may bring a compliment, a prayer, a trinket, a flower… but I promise I will give something to every person I encounter.

I promise to be a grateful receiver of the gifts that surround me, pausing often and noticing nature, kindnesses, smiles and compliments; which I gladly receive with a “thank you.”

I promise to give hope for joy, affluence, kindness and love, consciously with every encounter, regardless of the brevity.

I promise to give, without expectation of reciprocity, from the channels I enrich, because I know I am in the dynamic flow of giving and receiving.

I am elated to be a Servant Leader who knows, goes and shows the way, and because of this I am very wealthy for life.

I have come so far already.  Today I begin a new life.

It is definitely time to ‘Think and Grow Rich’.

Thomas Brooks

Meet Thomas Brooks

I’m the founder of Alpha Multimedia. We provide technology enabled communications and content across all types of media for small and midsize businesses (SMB), non-profits, schools, universities, and authors/publishers.  I have published several articles and I've been featured frequently on the radio and television. With Alpha Multimedia, you'll get the marketing results that matter. Read more

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