by Thomas Brooks

October 5, 2017

Rocket ShipWell, you know how everyone you know already pays an electricity bill and a mobile phone bill every single month?

Those are the 2 primary services of my company.  I can show you how to earn up to $1200 in the next 60 days, just for starters.  And right now, it is simple to start your business

All you do after sign up is simply recommend our services to a few customers and help them save money; and find a few “customer getters”, people just like you, who want to make extra money and pay less in taxes.

Specifically, gather a minimum of 5 customers who want to save, and a minimum of 4 “customer getters” that we call Associates, and teach them to do the same.   We only get paid when customers are gathered by our team of Associates.

In fact, if you go on and gather just 15 customers yourself, you can earn FREE services for life, such as electricity and mobile phone service.

Eventually, as you work and build and duplicate your team, you can have the opportunity get paid off 1000s of energy & mobile bills, and after 2 to 4 years you can potentially earn the ability to retire at full pay.

Finally, I have partnered with other top field leaders with our company and we can personally support you hands-on with a SIMPLE PROVEN SYSTEM along with exactly what to say and do to earn extra money.

So what is going to be easier for you?  To work all the way until age 65 and maybe not have enough to retire, OR to learn a SIMPLE PROVEN SYSTEM with my help and potentially get paid on 1000s of electricity and mobile phone customers like clockwork every month.

Of course, if you want to be successful in this business, it will take leadership, work, training, and determination – just like any traditional business.

Four Year Career - Freedom EditionOur network marketing business allows you to get paid royalties when people pay their electricity bills and mobile phone bills. INBOX ME or call me to utilize this month’s promo and start your business right now.   And, to help you get off to a fast start on our team, I will give you a complimentary copy of the amazing book, The Four Year Career, a general guide to success in relationship marketing.

Thomas Brooks  281-217-1960

Meet Thomas Brooks

I’m the founder of Alpha Multimedia. We provide technology enabled communications and content across all types of media for small and midsize businesses (SMB), non-profits, schools, universities, and authors/publishers.  I have published several articles and I've been featured frequently on the radio and television. With Alpha Multimedia, you'll get the marketing results that matter. Read more

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